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Cosen C-320 GNC

Hyd-Mech S-20A



The automated sawing systems at Machinewell, Inc., in conjunction with our material handling capabilities, enable us to be very versatile to fulfill the needs of our customers. The capabilities of this department can fluctuate on demand, to complete the most intricate tasks as they arise. We can handle stock lengths as long as 26 feet and diameters of singular bars or multiple bars and bundles up to 13 inches on a daily basis, but we can exceed those limits through special order.

The accuracy of this equipment (NC controlled) enables Machinewell, Inc. to cut your tubing, bar stock, or extrusion to very close tolerances, saving our customers many dollars in time and scrap. Cost reduction is multiplied when the sawn parts and components make their way through our machining facilities, mostly due to the accuracy and quick turn around that this department provides.

Part length is infinite, and materials of every kind can be sawn or blanked to meet the demands of every sector in industry. The Material Saw department at our facility is the beginning of our machining cycle and a major factor in our "Start to Finish" concept.