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Machining Cells
ID, OD, Chamfer, Ream, Drill and Threading of Tubes and Shafts 1/2" - 1" Diameter

Robotic Cell
ID, OD, Chamfer, Ream, Drill and Threading

20 Station Transfer Machine
ID, OD, Chamfer, Ream, and Threading Of Shafts And Tubes
Length: 5.5" Min And 16.8" Max
Diameter: 9/16" Min And 1 3/16" Max


ADF Parts Washer

Haver Press Rite Punch

Roper Whitney 219 Punch

​Rousell 3 Punch

As one of the more unique departments at Machinewell, Inc., and one of the most universal, the Transfer Cell department combines standardized machining practices with a high speed part transfer system to create a group of machines that are as versatile as the imagination.

Drilling, tapping, chamfering, etc. are standard for a range of components that consist of threaded shafts, special tubes, threaded tie rods, linkage shafts, etc. One of the many highlights in this area is the ability to thread both right and left hand threads, in standard and metric, roll form or cut threads, using high speed lead screw tapping. We utilize robotic transfer, in addition to fully automated PLC parts transfer, to fabricate high production components with reliable repeatability.

A twenty station rotary transfer machine is also operated with a "pick and rotate" station to flip components end for end which eliminates the human error factor in high precision shaft work. Capacities for diameters run from 5/16" to 1 1/2" and lengths can be adapted to run up to 24". Adaptability is the key feature of this type of customized machining that makes this department valuable to Machinewell, Inc.

Robotic Cell

Robotic Cell